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What's Inside?

See what's inside My Reward Box in a previous month

{Spa Day} Box

Your body and soul has been longing for relaxation and serenity! In your Spa Day themed box, you'll find lovely rewards that you can use to create your own at-home spa moments! Every item is going to help calm and relax your body and soul.


{Bundle of Love} Box

MRB has received so much love from our subscribers and gift recipients. It makes us feel so blessed and gives us the energy to put our best effort in each month's box. The box is filled with fun rewards, representing a bundle of love from us to you.


{Live Your Dream} Box

Happy New Year, everyone! What're some of the things that you want to achieve this year? Our first box of the year is themed {Live Your Dream}. You're about to unbox some lovely rewards that will encourage you to pursue your dreams!


{Sleeping Beauty} Box

It is just a month before the holiday season starts, so you should get more good nights of sleep before you find yourself staying up late for holiday shopping, errands and family gatherings. In your Sleeping Beauty themed box, you'll find lovely rewards that will prepare your sleep ritual and help you have a good night of rest.


{Cozy} Box

The season is here and the weather is changing fast! Brrr... In your Cozy box, you'll find lovely and beautiful rewards that will help your feel comfy and warm for the whole season. Happy Holidays!